Essential Finance and Accounting Techniques for Non-finance Professionals (HKIE CPD 0763/2020)

13 July 2020 (Mon)

0930 –1700


Wanchai/ Admiralty

Cantonese supplemented with English materials

Understanding of finance and accounting principles is important for non-finance professionals to interface with accountants, financial analysts and members of upper management. This seminar provides an overview of important principles in the fields of finance and accounting and help participants develop decision making skills based on financial calculations and quantitative analysis.


  • Accounting and finance terms encountered in the practice of engineering, manufacturing and management in general
  • Financial Reporting Requirement for corporations
  • Analysis of financial performance and position by using Statement of profit or loss and other comprehensive income and statement of financial position
  • Cash flow and working capital management
  • Inventory Management: FIFO, LIFO, EOQ, Inv. Turnover Ratio, WIP Inv., Inv. Carrying Costs
  • Time value of money conversions
  • Finance and Accounting Ratios and other Metrics. ROI, ROE, Current Ratio, Acid Test Ratio, Plant Turnover Ratio, Future Value and Present Value, and Gearing


Mr. Kamsuo Wong

Mr. Kamsuo Wong has over fifteen years of extensive professional experience in accounting. He is a professional accountant in Hong Kong, United Kingdom and Australia and the member of Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (CPA), Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CPFA), and CPA Australia (FCPA). He is also the Expert Council Advisor of International Financial Management Association. Mr Wong had provided various trainings for multinational corporations such as Cathay Pacific Airways, Mitsubishi (Hong Kong), Hua Neng Power (Beijing), Shiseido (Beijing), Mobifone (Vietnam) and HKSAR Government including the Inland Revenue Department and Housing Authority in the areas of financial reporting, financial management and management accounting. Mr Wong is also the speaker for the CPD seminars for CPA Australia in the areas of financial reporting and management accounting.